How to choose the best camping tent.


There are several factors to consider when buying a tent for excursions. This decision will mark our comfort, well – being during the trip that we have scheduled. Points of prime importance for outdoor activities are size, weight and quality of textiles, footwear, accessories and all kinds of equipment. In addition, considering that most of the time we will have to carry the tent to the place where we are going to use (mountain, beach, hostel,…), we must consider our physical capacity and distance to consider the weight of what you include in your luggage. In this article you will see how to choose the best camping tents:

The tents must be designed in order to protect us from the rain, wind and while retaining the heat inside. The material should be resistant to inclement weather support.

Whether going camping with friends, alone, by bicycle, in winter or summer … The tent will become your shelter for several days, so it is best to select the right one.

How many people will stay in the camping tent?

2 of the things you should prioritize in your purchase are comfort and space. Consider the number of people camped with you; It is often better to buy medium to large size tent. The size and weight are a very important factor.

Whether you purchase a large or small tent, always look at the size inside the bag transportation. Generally, the size is directly proportional to the weight. Currently many brands have introduced extremely lightweight and compact materials. Igloo tents are often the most lightweight and compact.

You cannot always leave some of your belongings out of the tent, so add baggage to the number of people you want to get into the tent.

However, not exaggerate the dimensions, but it is important to think about the lightness of the whole, the ease when folding and the quality of materials. If camping is preceded by a walk, a very voluminous tent can be a problem for those who need to charge it, so you probably have to share the burden of that person among others, with consequent discomfort. It is better to carry several smaller in order to distribute the weight.

What weather conditions you are going to expose?

You must choose a tent capable of withstanding the weather: wind, rain and heat. Therefore, look good in the impermeability of the tent to not get wet while you sleep if it rains a lot and also looks for the wind resistance one. To cope with the heat, often, they wake up in the morning very early in many cases; make sure the tent you like provided ventilation for air circulation. However, to prevent condensation, bet for a flysheet.

Invest in quality

It is easy to be carried by the temptation to buy thrift one that apparently has the same features as one of high quality. The difference will be for your camping experience, consider it as a long-term investment.

Other things you should consider:

  • Never buy a tent of low quality. This will be your refuge, so the material must have certain characteristics: an insulated floor and a waterproof roof and strong fabrics to make sure it will not break easily.
  • Some models include tents and thermal insulation that is placed under the floor to avoid leaks during storms.
  • A tent for 2 people should not weigh more than 2 kilograms.
  • The first thing you have to think about is whether your tent’s going to use for camping en route (mountain, mountaineering,…) or for recreation (camping, camps, …). In the first case, you need a light and simple and quick assembling tent, while for recreational camping prevail space and comfort.

If you are a professional or a regular mountaineer, it is normal to have several tents, two to five stations, depending on your needs. In addition, weight and impermeability vary from one trip to another.

Instead, people who enjoy the mountain but the visit only few sites can decide to buy a little general tent, a versatile model that can be used both in cold months and warmer. The ease of assembly of the igloo tent is perfect for those going to the mountain occasionally.

Finally, we can also choose the brand, if any, that gives us more confidence and we know better. Salewa, The North Face are specialized brands in mountain tents, while Marmot Vaude is more or engaged in recreational tents.

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