Essential oils diffuser and the use of essential oils


How does an essential oils diffuser and what can an aroma diffuser do for you and your family?

We know the quality of the air in our home, office, shop, office space or another workplace is often worse than is good for our health. With pets, cigarette smoke, dust mites, moisture, microbes (mold spores, bacteria, and viruses), chemicals and / or a lack of proper insulation and no or too little ventilate, the air in our living, sleeping and working environment is polluted.

To ensure the destruction of unhealthy particles in the air, you can use an essential oils diffuser. Add a few drops of essential oil to the water in the diffuser and the cold steam directly goes into battle with the germs in the air. In addition to providing a healthy living and sleeping environment a delicious scent is naturally dispersed through space.

How does an essential oil diffuser do?

An aroma diffuser or essential oil diffuser is a simple and effective way to give a wonderful fragrance to your home.

An essential oil diffuser is very suitable for the vaporization of essential oils in an environmentally friendly manner.

It is also a perfect mini humidifier. The water in a diffuser is converted into steam by means of high- frequency vibrations, resulting in a cold spray. This allows the molecules of the essential oils remain intact and has a diffuser also a therapeutic effect.

You can use a diffuser to create a warm, comfortable environment with scents like lavender and vanilla. Or you can clean the air and increase energy with lemon and eucalyptus. On hot days does a mixture of lemon and peppermint is very refreshing.

Diffusers with essential oils are also suitable for reducing disinfect the air in diseases and also help symptoms of colds and flu.

Relieves nasal congestion, cough, and sore throat. For this are essential oils such as tea tree, clove, eucalyptus, peppermint and thyme quite suitable.

My girlfriend uses an aroma diffuser in the evening to calm her children and relax before they go to bed. A great idea if you have to fight back every night to get your kids into bed. (Try this combination of 3 drops Bergamot, 3 drops of lavender and two drops of neroli essential oil).

In addition, see the most aroma diffusers are also nice and they are an asset to your home. In general, the aroma diffusers as described above with the cold mist to be most effective but also the most expensive variant. However, if you want to vaporize good quality essential oil is the best way to get

the most out of your oil.

Use in your living room or office space

Do you then it is important to keep the air free of bacteria, viruses and fungi own salon or practice, such as beautician, masseur, chiropodist, but coach (tooth) doctor, physiotherapist or solarium. Here, too, is a very suitable aroma diffuser in order to purify the air. There are oils that destroy microbes and sometimes it is also important to let your customers relax or put at ease, this is also possible with the

essential oils. A study has shown America that patients and staff at a hospital were significantly more relaxed and calmer because there was a pleasant smell spread through the hospital.

Do you have a store or you sell products in your practice, it is good to know that an investigation was conducted into fragrance and buying behavior of the people. They have in a mall the scent of Wild

Orange spread, people are happier here what encourages more purchases. Put your advantage!

A number of examples of the oils to be used in an essential oils diffuser

  • Sleep well and relax: Lavender – “Soothing composition” – “Composition for women ‘
  • Stress and tension: Ylang – “Composition grounds / earths” – “Composition for women ‘-Lavender
  • Breathing Problems: “Airway composition ‘- Rosemary – Marjoram – Lime -Incense Tree – Eucalyptus – Peppermint
  • Colds and flu: Protective composition “- Eucalyptus – Lemon balm – Oregano – Grapefruit -Incense Tree -” Airway composition’
  • Repel insects: “Repellents composition ‘- Lemongrass – Patchouli
  • Exciting and uplifting mood: Wild Orange – “Invigorating composition ‘- Lime

These are just a few examples, and there are several essential oils suitable for the above situations.

Combine the oils too comfortable with each other, experiment with the oils for best performance and a pleasant smell.

Do not forget to put a diffuser in your bedroom when you sleep or have a cold bad example. It is also suitable for the nursery!


Diffusers can be purchased in many varieties and price range. We have a huge amount of testing and are very happy that we found a diffuser that looks beautiful, many setting possibilities but also possesses a large water tank which he has, at least, ten hours straight fragrance can continue to spread. There is also an interval option, and you can lock the different colors of light. Besides all this, he is also affordable. For 39.95 euros, you can have a very fine lovely diffuser.

Pay attention! Use only 100% pure and natural essential oils without chemical and synthetic additives that are bad for your health! There are many different essential oil suppliers and providers. They offer a wide variety of applications for health and are not always safe to use for you and your family. However, there are always a number of safety guidelines that you should follow when using essential oils and products based on essential oils.Do you find our information interesting and would like to know about it know more than we have been looking for you. We are always looking for people who are interested in natural health.

Good luck!

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