Things you should know about Essential Oils Diffusers


Essential oils diffusers is a wonder where aesthetics is not incompatible with efficiency.

– Easily portable to recharge water tank. Its capacity is 600 ml. so the operable time is 10/18 hours

– Adjustable fog output button

– Warm nightlight at the bottom

– Security system with automatic shutdown

Your system by ultrasound waves creates a fine microparticle solution of water and diffuses aroma into the air as mist without heat which would nullify the extraordinary therapeutic properties of essential oils.

Air Purifier: Negative ions are generated by the aroma diffuser remove particles as small as 0.01 microns. The pollutants and fine dust particles, bacteria, viruses and the smell of smoke snuff can not be removed by other air purifiers work with system filters. Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and cells, promoting the general welfare. It alleviates depression, stress, and headaches. Improves respiratory system ensuring a better rest. Humidifier: moisturizes and humidifies the air. Especially useful in winter and air-conditioned rooms where the dry heat dehydrates the skin.

Aromatherapy tips to get the most out of your diffuser:

It is sufficient to apply 10 to 20 drops of essential oils on a broadcast session. Aromatherapists recommend using essential oils therapeutically at home, as it is the only production company that owns essential oils, administrator of their own farms and distilleries.

Specific recommendations for the use of essential oils:

– To purify the air and make breathing easier: essential oils of Eucalyptus Globulus, pine, fir and mixtures Raven and R.C.

– To create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation we recommend using essential oils of lavender and tangerine

– In the case of hospitalization, mixed oil is recommended. It includes essential oils of clove, rosemary, cinnamon, lemon, and eucalyptus.

– In the case of convalescence, depression or difficult personal situations, diffusing essential oils is a beneficial supplement. Incense essential oils and citrus oils are especially repairmen and the mixture which are known as Joy, a luxurious and exotic blend with uplifting tones that bring joy to the heart. It contains oils of geranium, jasmine, Roman chamomile, rose, lemon, bergamot and clementine

– Mix promote sleep: Peace & Calming. Oils of mandarin, blue tansy, patchouli, and orange ally themselves creating a very sweet fragrance for restful sleep. For severe sleep problems is recommended in the diffuser the Rutalava mixture of lavender, valerian and rude.

– Essential oils mosquito repellents: citronella, peppermint, and lignum

– For allergy problems: Four drops of essential oil of eucalyptus, one or two drops of essential tea tree oil and three drops of essential oil of rosemary. Inhale deeply vapor five to ten minutes.

Purifying home with essences: simple tips

The place we live is a reflection of our personality, and cleanliness is, without a doubt, the best way to take care of our home and the health of the whole family is essential oils diffusers. Hygiene routines are included in our daily habits: the pleasant appearance of the house improves our quality of life and wellbeing.

But there is another cleaning, which helps purify the home of a “dirt” that we do not perceive with the eyes, but if other senses and causes heaviness, despair, even fear. And we talk about energy cleanings, that rob us positive energy and that have nothing to do with our daily lives.

What are negative energies? They can be thoughts that remain stuck in the dust, printed on walls, floors, and furniture. Sometimes discussions, diseases and other disturbing unwanted energies or entities that break the harmonious balance home or workspace. When the energy does not flow in

harmonic channels, it can cause problems such as depression, lack of motivation, frustration, loss of health or even money. Let’s invite our space, energy health, success and happiness through these simple ways to purify the home.

Frankincense essential oil

There is a variety of very positive for use in the cleaning incenses also be used several at once. The better the essential oils incense spread, cleaning will be more complete.

Other essential oils

The most appropriate for use with an essential oils diffuser are: frankincense, rue, lavender, rosemary, whose aroma is very intense; milder but equally effective are sandalwood, myrrh, benzoin, and artemisia.

Cleaning sounds

One of the most powerful methods to clean energy in an environment is through sound. Singing, clapping hands, use percussion instruments, or the sound of bells generates vibrational waves that positively transform energy at home. How better to celebrate life with music and joyful sounds!

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