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Sometimes we want to buy a sewing machine but do not know of many options, and which to choose. I would like to explain the differences that I consider most important in making a good choice of the best sewing machines for beginners.

Content of the article:

  • The price
  • The materials you are going to sew
  • Workload
  • Mechanical or electronic
  • What to buy for home use machine

The price

The first thing that almost all of us consider when looking for a product is the price. There are many different prices, and the average cost of a sewing machine, if we want this to last long, will be between 140 and 300 Euros . To make sure the sewing machines are of good quality and reliable is very difficult to obsolete until many years after acquired. It is better to spend a little more than having to come back for another after a few months. A good sewing machine could last a lifetime.

The materials you are going to sew

The type of fabric you can sew with your machine is another element that we take into account, as not all can do so with the same ease and optimal results. It is more difficult to sew heavier fabrics such as canvas or denim (jeans). We therefore recommend a machine having seven ranks because they can uniformly feed the fabric without the lock mechanism. However, when sewing large and heavy parts, it is recommended to sew at a low speed than other lighter materials. There are some fabrics that require special needles, and we must also keep this in mind. If you have questions about the type of needle you need, I encourage you to take a piece of cloth to a specialty store, or you can perform a search online.

The workload

We recommend semi-professional sewing machine if the volume is very high, and mainly for sewing thick fabrics. These sewing machines are more expensive but you make sure they meet perfectly with the function that you intended for it.

There are many types of seams that require free arm, which is present in much of modern sewing machines, make sure if you need it and whether your machine has it. The free arm is necessary in tubular form such as false pants, cuffs of shirts, gloves, socks, etc. With this device you can sew circular in shape.

Mechanical or electronic sewing machine

Some people have difficulty in choosing between buying a mechanical or an electronic machine. Its main difference is that electronics have a keyboard with several buttons or a handle connected to a circuit that drives the mechanisms for selecting and editing point and other functions. Instead mechanics has a lever or a handle that enables you to choose the sewing mechanically and another handle to change the stitch length or width. These differences are in operation and comfort, but also the durability and quality.

It is also necessary to notice that electronic sewing machines are running buttonhole automatically, which is very difficult to find it in a mechanical (unless in professional models).

In conclusion, we discuss the amount of points you must have in a sewing machine. Almost all experts agree that this is not a determining factor in choosing a good product, but we should look for one that at least makes zigzag stitches, elastic stitch and invisible stitch, which are the most important or at least frequently in the seam. Note that the more points a machine has, the greater the range of possibilities when you start a new seam.

What to buy for home use sewing machine

When buying technology devices or home appliances, I prefer to play it safe, and although I like to compare prices and see some and other brands, I just stick to the best-selling and best reputation brands which are based on feedback from the previous buyers. So in this case, we recommend the best selling sewing machine or the one that best comments refer to, there is no doubt, it is the Singer 2250 Tradition and the Alfa next 30 emerald.

I hope that my article will help you on what sewing machine for home use to buy. Good luck with the purchase of a sewing machine … See you soon!

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