Safe home for children


Children up to four years old are most often injured in accidents at their own home. They want to explore their surroundings and can see no danger. They must be taught about mishaps and what is and is not safe to do. Therefore, as parents, you should always be alert, and you can also make your home as child friendly as possible.

Most people let their children play on long and wide furniture. The long and wide furniture, which is already purchased, is not adapted to the baby. However, it is indeed important to get ready for the arrival of the baby. Remember that a 100% children friendly house does not exist. In other way, a house that is fully adapted to children does not exist, unless your house is practically empty, or consists of only children’s furniture.

Windows, doors and stairs

Near the windows, doors and stairs, many accidents can happen. Children are incredibly fast, which make an accident can occur at any time. It is good to take measures to prevent falls. Stairs are best to be sealed. A sturdy handrail is important. Optionally, it is recommended that you should have an additional children’s handrail of 60 cm in height. Make sure there are no items on the stairs and do not let children climb on stairs in socks or slippery shoes. Children are best not playing near the stairs. Stair gates are needed to keep children away. Doors need to be secured in different ways. Do not close and slam a door too fast. A door hinge protector ensures that children do not get their finger stuck between the door. Areas where children are not allowed are easily secured by mounting a vertically door handle. Cheaper measures for more secure near the doors are putting a thick towel over the door, lock the door with a hook or place a wedge-shaped block under the door. To prevent a fall from a window, it is advisable to mount a window protector. This prevents a window is completely open. Window gates prevent children from climbing through a window. You can also make extra locks on a window to make it more difficult to open. Who has small children can use the best window treatments without cords. You also need to provide protection to low glass doors and windows.


Burns incur most often in the kitchen. When the dishwasher is turned on, it is important to keep children far away. Steam coming out of the device can cause burns. A rack on the stove prevents greedy little hands from gripping the pans. Mount stoves firmly to the wall so that it can not fall over when it is pulled. Keep chairs far away from the stove, so that a child can not climb. An oven door can be easily installed with a clamp or an oven lock so that the door can not be used as a stepping stone to the stove. Place appliances like a toaster, fryer and kettle behind a counter. Keep lighters and matches away and keep your child away from pots of hot tea and coffee. When you are cooking, get your kids out of the kitchen. Place cleaning products, medicines and other toxins far away from children. Keep these things in inaccessible places, such as on a very high shelf.


Accidents with electricity often happen. Provide outlets of cover plates to prevent children from stabbing their fingers in it. Other solutions include the use of loose plugs or purchase a child-friendly outlet.


Anchor furniture and cabinets to avoid falling over when children climb on it. You can also use the metal brackets. Many accidents occur because children stumble at sharp angles, so there are protective corners made of soft plastic. On the market, there are also impeller corner protectors that can be attached on glass plates. Make sure there is not too many separate chairs and stools which are suitable in children’s eyes as seductive climbing objects.


Children and fire are not a good combination. Let no burn matches and lighters and candles where small children are present. If you still want to light candles, it is advisable to use short and wide candles.

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