What should you do to clean up for spring?


Even though we still have frost and snow, February is the month that many people head towards the spring. February is the month in which many people still think it is at the end of winter. March may still be quite cold, but spring is coming and it is time for the spring cleaning.

‘Big cleaning’

The end of the winter is the perfect time to clean up the house. In addition, nothing was spared and everything had the place whether it was going to be stuffed in a cupboard or cabinet, grab everything and wash (first on the hand and later in the machine), and the house is then nice and fresh for the spring to create a new beginning.

The rigorous ‘clean’ is not done by many people in the old traditional way, but in a new form.

A fresh wind

With the large group of dual-earner, roles have become different and although statistically, woman still does most of the household, many men also have some in-house tasks. But the difference is particularly in the distribution of work. Indeed, there is almost no one who sacrifices a week of his / her vacation days to give the house a big cleaning. If you divide the work into every week, all the big furniture, basement and closets are all cleaned well without wasting too much time. It is true that as we get towards the end of winter, the feeling of that tasty spring, with the hope of some sunshine makes everyone exciting. This fresh pleasant feeling also includes in a change in the house and that is why we do some extra cleaning. It will also give you a different feeling for example in applying new stuff in the house: stuff with a fresh spring color, feeling and perhaps smell.

Start to work

Go through logical steps to get your home pleasant freshness for years and if you do not know how, try to let yourself be inspired by nature.

Before getting started, it is good to look for several things:

  • Often, place the warmly colored and fluffy / soft feeling stuffs in the attic or basement. It also (temporarily) goes in the box, make sure it is clean (and free of moisture). Pillows, candles, rugs etc. should be soak in soapy water or in the washing machine and then store neatly until the cold season starts again.
  • Take away all that stuff make it so convenient to clean those places. The leather seating / lounge sofa can be treated to keep the leather nice ( once or twice a year) and sucked all the dust with the vacuum cleaner. Maybe some stains or spots must be get rid of by a special spray. Behind and under the couch also needs extra cleaning.
  • Next, clean up cabinets, tables, window sills, etc. and / or in the kitchen, cupboards and content. The hood is another source that attracts dirt and grease (do not clean once a year, but after every use).
  • Furthermore, the bedroom could use a fresher looking duvet and pillows and in the kitchen you can put other accessories there.
  • Think of the fresh breeze indoor, keep the door open. Bring fresh natural scents for the home with flowers, fresh aroma candles, oils (in burner or potpourri) or incense. Furthermore, the special interior spray that makes up for old pillows smell and throws no stains. These are mostly floral scents. Please note that it does not smell too synthetic (just like cheaper scents).
  • Plants also bring spring into the house, so check what plants you have in your house that survive over the winter and see what you can do it. There are lots of flowering plants that are good on the table and bring the feeling of spring. Try to make it match with spring colors (real or injected with dye) to make it fit with the other new stuff.
  • Walk finally again through your house and see where the warm autumn and winter colors can replaced by cool spring and summer colors.

The pleasant feeling

An additional pleasant feeling of the fresh spring breeze is ‘let all go in your home’. So pick the cleaning kit up and makeover your house for a new beginning with spring

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