How to furnish a house?


For a lot of people, it is relatively more difficult than initially thought to decorate the house. The living room, especially, is the most difficult, as it carry out the functional parts of the house. Here is some handy tips to get started.

Functional and more …

A bedroom, a hobby room, a bathroom or a kitchen can be first arranged on the function easily and later on the appearances. But, for example, a family kitchen is instantly becomes a lot harder. This has to be considered with the further development / furnishing of the room. Because you need to design the space in a way that you feel comfortable in it. First, lay a base.

Lay a base

If you do not know what style you want in your home, first start searching on the Internet for what to do and then go to the big furniture stores with complete furnishing and experience the different style which suit your houses. Opt for something makes you feel good, comfortable, and relax.

How about the colors and materials?

Try not to go at the busy times, because then it is more difficult to experience in peace in an organization. Actually, it has to give a room the feeling of cozy and comfort. A sleeping area which is create with a restful space, does not mean it has to be boring. Furniture in warm beige and brown tones combined with warm white give the cleanliness for the place. The cool blue tones combined with bright white gives fresh which is also strongly recommended for bedrooms. The hot and active color red is often not recommended for sleeping rooms, but beautiful red velvet can give a warm and typical cozy feeling. It is very personal. Colors and materials are the basis and must feel good … literally and figuratively.

The infill

First, lay the foundation of walls, flooring and window treatments. The combination of colors and materials is very important. One bedroom needs a bed, and a closet. Subsequently, chairs can also be functional. Look up for stuffs you find beautiful in material and color which makes you feel comfortable in. This also applies to the kitchen and the bathroom. Put the functional stuff in the place first, this is of course combined with what you find beautiful and convenient. Then you go ahead and dress up if you want the room more pleasant. Not everyone finds replenishment needed to make a home.

The living spaces

The real living spaces are the most difficult. After all, cabinets can be very functional … but is unrelated to our need. This is also true for chairs, sofas and the all kinds of tables. So start with what is minimal in the desired style, of course. Purely functional part with the number of seats you need for the dining table and the seating area must also be adequate. We are talking about the functional part of the living space. If this is done, then you can go to the finish. Many books in a bookcase, an expanded stereo in an open closet or just a closed cabinet can be very cozy. Furthermore, the TV usually has a prominent place and you may have even more stuff that should have in the living room. Complete the interior with furniture. Also note:

  • It is not too crowded
  • You can walk around without having to squirm?
  • If you sit quietly, then it feels nice to (the total compartments with color, light, etc.)

If this foundation is laid, you can optionally work with small accents give a final touch. Combine certain colors or take one color? Also think about:

  • Pillows on the couch
  • (Scented) Candles
  • Plants ( Plants can also perform different function.)
  • Rugs
  • Lamps (Start here with the functional in the desired style and then choose what is also nice in appearance)
  • Photo frames (to be completed with photographs and / or drawings of yourself, your children or grandchildren)
  • Decorative Objects (This can be very diverse, ranging from an art object into a beautiful vase, bowl or painting.)


Make a house into a lovely home is not easy. But lay a good foundation and furnish it until it’s the picture with which you’re comfortable. The most common mistakes is rushing to buy too much because there is indeed so much beauty for sale. That is true, but you must take it into consideration of your house.

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