Pillows – What should I consider when buying?

By: Jasper Johnson

Round, square, small, large, high, level…. There is a huge selection of the pillows on the market. However, not every pillow is suitable for the personal need of each individual. In any case, it is advisable to use a pillow. Otherwise, the head and above all the spine are not optimally supported. The choice of the pillow is also dependent on the nature of the mattress. In the case of hard mattresses, generally higher cushions are recommended in order to support the natural course of the spine. In the case of softer mattresses, the body sinks more into the mattress, which already supports the course of the spine. Therefore, only a flat pillow is required. More than this general information, it is the sleeping position you prefer to determine the choice of a pillow. For more about your sleeping buddies, visit

Which pillow suits you?

Since people often move at night, a clear sleeping position is often difficult to determine. For this reason, the sleeping position is oriented to how one would like to fall asleep:

Back sleepers, people who like to sleep on their backs should choose a pillow, which is rather flat. But by any mean, the neck area must be especially supported well. Otherwise, the head will tilt backward or too far forward, which can lead to neck pain and tension.

For side sleepers, there is a slightly harder pillow so that the spine can remain straight. Also, there are, especially for side sleepers, so-called side sleeper pillow.

If you are belly sleepers, no cushion is needed, because the position in general from an ergonomic standpoint may not be optimal and it also can not be compensated by a pillow.


The filling – the most important thing in the cushion

Head pillows can be filled with a variety of materials. The best known are down and synthetic fiber fillings. However, other natural materials can also be used as fillings. To prevent the pillow from being too hard by the springs, there are also two chambers, which are filled with 90 – 100% down. This makes the pillow pleasantly soft and conforms perfectly to the body.

The 3-chamber head cushion consists of 3 separate chambers. It combines the advantages of feathers and down in a special way. In the center is a chamber in which are only feathers. As springs have a higher resilience than down, the inner core serves as a support for the neck and neck muscles. To prevent the pillow from being too hard by the springs, there are also two chambers, which are filled with 90 – 100% down. This makes the pillow pleasantly soft and conforms perfectly to the body.

Sizes – Standard size is not the better alternative

The most popular cushion size is 80 x 80 cm. You will find it in the most selection of pillows and covers. Unfortunately, the shoulder is mostly on the pillow, which should be avoided. This means that the spine and the neck muscles can no longer be optimally supported. Also, sleeping on the most crumpled pillow in an unnatural position.

This dislocation of the spine can lead to tension and pain in the throat and neck. More and more people, therefore, opt for the size 40 x 80 cm. With this size, the shoulder can be comfortably placed on the mattress, while the neck and neck muscles are supported optimally. The natural spinal column is also supported. The selection of the covers available in this size is getting bigger and cheaper. Both sizes are available with different fillings.

Pillow types – new loads, new pillows

In order to counteract the ever-increasing stresses, new types of pillows are being developed, for example, the bamboo pillow. Below we have listed the most important and best-known species and provided some explanations. The type of head cushion, however, does not necessarily have to do with the filling and can, therefore, be acquired with the different filling materials.


Standard pillow – The classic in different versions

The standard pillow is in sizes of 40 x 80 cm and 80 x 80 cm, which is simply filled. However, it can be provided with different fillings and have different properties.

Down and microfiber pillows here are the most common alternatives. It is distinguished above all by its variety and as a favorable alternative.

Neck support pillows – Prevent neck problems

Neck support pads are suitable for people with neck problems such as pain and tension. However, if you have experienced these problems for a long time, we would recommend contacting a doctor. We can not guarantee that these pillows help with all complaints since we do not know where the problems come from.

Special pillow – the right thing for every situation

Special cushions connect the sofa feeling a spring pad with the properties of a viscoelastic pad. Special cushions behave primarily like a spring cushion, but optimally support the desired body parts and give an optimal result. When released, the pillow returns to its original shape. In general, these cushions support the cervical spine and fit exactly to the body. They are usually filled with viscose foam or comfort foam or so-called ‘Pockets Springs.’ These fillings allow exact adjustment and support the neck and spine muscles.

Side sleeper pillow

Side sleeper pillow can be used as an extra pillow for side sleepers and stomach sleepers. You should choose a non-high standard head pillow for those times when you are not in the side position. Side pad cushions optimally relieve the pain in back and neck. It protects the sleeper from straddling the head. The blanket is not clamped between the legs, but this pillow.

Spelled and herbal pillows

Spelled and herbal pillows are particularly recommended for people who have trouble falling asleep because spelled and other herbs have a soothing effect. Make sure that these cushions are pleasant to the touch and not too tight and not too loose. The grains and herbs can be moved so that everything can slide to one side.

Heat pillow

Heat pillow can, as its name suggests, heat and thus provide a consistent heat to loosen the tension. This can have a beneficial effect on the neck and neck area as well as a very positive effect on your sleep comfort and sleep quality.

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