Walking on the grass and rest in the shade of a tree, or swim in a lonely lake in nature is an experience that everyone should be able to afford. And nothing better than camping to approach those wonderful experiences. There is always something worth remembering when we go near those places at night, and we tried ourselves in a more rural environment. But for this, it is essential to have good tents for sale.

How to choose your canvas:

To find what you are looking for must inform very well what you need. We find that for any large or small outdoor, there is an infinite number of solutions for sport, hobby, professionalism or camping fetishism. A few years ago your old camping with heavy boots, tents military type canvas backpack expeditionary wave, but today you can find clothes with nanotech fibers which do not get wet or coat that keeps still warm in temperatures below zero degrees.

The same applies to tents. The amount of material, trademarks, designs and used technologies is abundant.

It is at that point where the inexhaustible supply of models and designs tents with different characteristics confuse rather than help. Measures, weights, sizes, materials and a wide range of prices seem to be part of a complicated equation that gets in trouble even the experts. We all want a tent is lightweight, durable, waterproof, warm. But you can be everything at once? Is it worth investing in an expensive tent that exceeds our needs? Or are we facing a long-term decision that will affect our travels? Do not worry, keep reading. Here we tell you how to buy the tent of life.

Priority test.

Check this list and compare it with your real needs.

  • Weight: “I need the lightest, and flexible carp do not lump in my backpack or hinder my walk or long trip.” There are many who meet this requirement, but sometimes sacrificing robustness and security in exchange for less weight.
  • Humidity: “I need the tent with the best insulation against the rain.” Excellent judgment to consider whether going to the mountains, to a place with snow or tropical climate.
  • Price: “A basic tent to spend the day at the beach would be enough.” Why not? There are shelters that cost too cheap supermarket. Enough if yours is very sporadically and camping places that are not demanding field as the garden of a friend or a whole day without spending the night in a cold place.
  • Temperature: “I need a tent to keep the heat inside”. Are you going to high snowy mountains? Either you are a National Geographic photographer exploring the Himalayas. Consider a tent that will not condense inside but maintains the temperature. Still, the greatest responsibility for your Warmth has an excellent sleeping bag.
  • Durability: “I need a tent very resistant material, in particular against the high winds.” Sure, especially if you go to open fields with winds that can tear your tent or rocky and rough terrain.
  • Space: Do I need a tent to go with my friends, for me and my partner or myself ?. Or suddenly you want to travel by your bike and put it inside. Either is a big tent means more weight, that sometimes matter and sometimes not. If not going in the company would be the best tent for one person and if you travel by bike can consider more space for storage inside.

Other considerations when choosing your tent

  • Seams: These are elemental to review because from them can tear, break or be inlet passage point for water. Watching that are double and heat-sealed to block access water.
  • Floor: It is firm and dense enough to keep out the water. It is advisable to protect the tent by placing a soft place or putting some material under a tarp. Canvas or nylon can be used to give extra protection against moisture, especially when there is rain.
  • The rods or studs: There are several qualities, but it is suggested and preferred that they are lighter and stronger. Of them, it depends on the firmness of the tent, especially against high winds. They can be duralumin (light and resistant, particularly to cold climates) or fiber (the most common market, cheaper but less flexible) glass.

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