Cooking on the camp reminds me instantly nostalgic memories. It takes me back to past holidays with my parents and two older brothers. My parents had a caravan with which we went every summer vacation. Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland were favorite destinations. Sometimes we went out to eat, but usually, there was something cooked a piece of meat on the grill, baked potatoes, frankfurters on bread, pasta, soup, salad and sometimes was put a bag of chips. I cherish warm memories.

Today, I’m going on vacation with her husband and daughter love and although we do not have a caravan pulls a camping holiday still me. I love the atmosphere and conviviality at a campsite with a child it is nice that there is plenty to do on the site. Last year we went on holiday to Brittany, France, where we first stayed in a mobile home. He enjoyed it! Linens, kitchenware, BBQ: everything is there, so you only need to pack a suitcase with clothes.

Packaging saves a lot of stress! This year we stay during our vacation in a mobile home. In a few weeks, it’s been so far! First, we are a week camping Bella Italia, situated directly on Lake Garda, after a week of camping Norcenni Girasole Club in Tuscany and close with a week in an apartment in Cannes, southern France. Yoo-hoo! So excited!
I am looking forward to the evening to go out to eat, but I have as much desire to cook it yourself.
Cooking at the campsite still has a certain charm. I cook only tasty and easy!

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Sponsored by. Below I share my tips for cooking at the campsite and camping meal ideas

1. Find out in advance where and when the local market is.

Buy your groceries at the local village market rather than the grocery store. Grocery shopping is something that can not be ignored, but why you would make a nice outing? The domestic market is a feast for all your senses and a good reflection of the region. Something you will not find in the supermarket. Moreover, the products are not only cheaper than the supermarket, but also fresher! And let’s face it: what is nicer than strolling on a market and you to do shopping like a real local. See, smell, touch and taste: Put your senses! Look at home in advance when and where the nearest market, or inquire after the camp.

2. What ingredients do I take on holiday?

Most parts I buy on vacation. After all, why they all carried away in the car as she also has a supermarket. Chill! Moreover, the products that often they sell slightly different and that makes it fun: surprise you and try something else. Be adventurous! Fresh ingredients such as herbs, cheese, bread, meat, fish, fruit, potatoes and vegetables I prefer to buy on the market.

The only ingredients I home takeout extra virgin olive oil and vinegar (for salads), sunflower oil (for frying), stock cubes (for soups and as a seasoning), sambal (to almost every dish and gives some extra zip) sea salt and black pepper, paprika, cajun seasoning, chili flakes, curry powder, Italian seasoning and oregano!

3. Easy camping recipes

Make it easy on yourself if you are going to cook and use minimal pans. The last thing you want on holiday have been washing up on!
Dishes that are easy to prepare with the above ingredients that you bring home (fresh ingredients you buy on vacation), for example, soup, noodles or fried rice, risotto, spaghetti carbonara, spaghetti all console (optionally allows the breadcrumbs omitted), spaghetti with tomatoes -Toni Jn AUS, linguine with fennel and sardines, macaroni, ground beef casserole with paprika (replace the shawarma seasoning with paprika and oregano, or cajun seasoning), Italian spinach stew, jambalaya, paella, quesadillas, potato tortilla, Greek salad, macaroni salad, German potato salad.

4. Barbecue and paella

Barbecuing and holidays are linked to my inseparable. If you stay on vacation like us a grill in a mobile home, there is usually present. If not, disposable barbecues are everywhere for sale. But the bbq and paella are ideal camping: you make it the best stews along in the air!

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