Waterproof and wind resistance


The tightness of a hiking tent is measured Schreiber’s, a unit of measurement that allows knowing the impermeability of fabric by placing it in a tube that is filled with water. Over the height of water in the tube, the greater the fabric of the tent is waterproof.

Example: a backpacking tent that has a value of 5000 Schreiber’s, that is to say, 5000 mm, resistant to 5 m of water! It is considered a hiking tent is waterproof from 1500 Schreiber’s.

All cheap tents for sale are sealed with a polyurethane coating. The coatings can be more or less necessary depending on tent model, the impermeability of our hiking tents can vary from 2000 to 6000 mm from one model to another.

Wind resistance

Wind strength and durability of a hiking tent is ensured by the quality of materials and the construction of the shelter. The most resistant derandonnée tents have several intersecting arches to provide better stability. Indeed, reducing the tissue surface between the poles reduces the effect of the wind on the walls of the tent. Hiking tents or geodesic dome are very resistant to the wind.

What weight?

One of the most important elements to consider before buying a backpacking tent, it is the burden. Therefore prefer a tent of lightweight backpacking if you are traveling from the hike.

The weight and price of a hiking tent vary depending on the fabric used, its structure and shape. It is for you to find the best compromise for the use you do with it.

For regular and mobile use

It is best to take a technical tent hiking with relatively soft materials because it is you who will wear the tent. A backpacking tent ripstop nylon with carbon or aluminum frame is recommended for your tent or learn. The shape is also important: the less you’ll find materials, and your backpacking tent will be slight. So to gain lightness and compactness, take a tent relatively flat ride.

These highly technical hiking tents can cost between 300 and 500 euros.

For occasional use

For occasional use, you can expect a lower budget. The materials used on the hiking tents will be less technical, less light, but you will gain in comfort. For occasional trips, it is advisable to take a polyester hiking tent with aluminum frame. If you want to win in comfort, make a tent highest hiking, and if you want Save weight, take a tent lowest hike.


What form?

Tunnel shape

The hoops semicircular form a tube. These tents are often hiking with a larger living space and a relatively light frame. Discover our hiking equipment brands Msr and Vango tents and resistant and ultra light hiking.


Usually composed of two arcs that intersect at their center, the dome hiking tents offer spacious accommodation and an excellent wind resistance. The self-supporting feature means that dome tents stand alone. You do not need to directly spankings your Saas Valley tries to keep up. This is handy if you decide, for example, move your tent to another location. These hiking tents are usually comfortable enough because they often have a large room height.

Geodesic shape

This original form is an evolution of the models dome that provides stability and an unusually high strength. This sort of hiking tent also optimizes the living space and comfort while maintaining a relatively light weight. Some hiking tents at MSR or Vango Force Ten, present in our catalog, offer hiking tent with a geodesic shape for comfort, strength, and lightness.

How to make a shelter a little more comfortable

Want to return to nature, but you do not want that life turns against you? With the following tips, take in nature the comfort of your bed!

Sleeping under the stars, what magical experience! You vibrate in unison with nature. But guard, you may wake up in the morning with painful stiffness. Before choosing a sleeping bag model, choose your method of camping with the camping car camping or hiking.

When you go camping with the car, you stack in the comfortable trunk elements of your home, without worrying about dirty during your stay. With these tips, you will sleep soundly and cost.

1. Your tent should be spacious enough

Install the best possible sleeping bag by first making sure you have enough space. Of course, your Ultra Nimbus tent for a person weighs only 250 grams, and you can hang on a cliff. But when all the sleepers are asleep, you will feel wrapped like mummies.

Count the number of people who sleep in the tent. Choose a tent that can take twice. It would not come to the idea of four individuals with a double bed, is not it? So why not leave enough room to spread out in the bed of camping?

2. Prepare the ground

Find a flat surface. Pick up rocks and twigs on the ground. Install a thick cover: besides a stone that breaks your back, the worst calamity is a fresh water dip net that comes your feet.

Go up the tent and line the floor with foam tiles. You’ve already seen in day care. They cushion the falls of small toddlers. These foam tiles are inexpensive and easy to carry. Can be cut to the floor of the tent dimensions. A layer of insulation foam prevents the cold from the ground up in your warm little bed.

3. Choose the components of your sleeping bag

An inflatable mattress two-seater is a standard camping equipment. Wrap it in a flannel fitted sheet. Cozy comfort is achieved by opening a double sleeping bag, then rolled on the mattress. You can also bring down your bed because you will just wash the cover.

Do not forget to bring a pump if you do not want to spend hours on blowing and blow
Some thick mattress inflates alone. They are perfect for solo campers. Put in two side by side and cover them with a fitted sheet flannel. So you do not accidentally roll down.

Bring pillows with whom you sleep at home. Do not waste your time with an inflatable pillow for the plane or with folded sweaters. Two pillowcases reversed used to cover a single pillow case, each end of the pad is protected from dirt.

You’re the climbing hills to walk for kilometers to get in the woods, carrying a backpack full of water purification tablets and sachets of dried beef bourguignon? There is only one thing to know: you are so exhausted that you will sleep comfortably anywhere.

For more tips, visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/

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