Why should you rent a canopy?


A room, microscopic for you! You want a unique atmosphere both intimate and public, facing the surrounding nature. You thought to set up tables in the garden, but your little finger blew in your ear that does not always like the sunshine. And since that day, you did not want to take risks. You turned to the capitals solution for rent, which will be held in the garden!

Who to contact? You will find quickly many rental companies in the city. They often offer the same basic structures at equivalent prices. Some are more original than others; they provide complementing services. It’s up to you.

Depending on the size of your garden, you place one or more canopies or cheap pop up canopies for sale. You will also determine their size based on the number of guests but also the usefulness of the various infrastructures. If your canopy is only at the time of the aperitif, story that everyone is found in the garden, an hour or two, it should not be colossal. If by cons, you want it set up tables, organize your evening short, .y … do what you want, it will provide the relatively large.

Canopy s and classical capitals have an aluminum structure. They fireproof tarps and dimensions are 4 to 20 m wide and 5-6 m long. Their height is often 2.40m. They must, of course, be registered in the Belgian standards. For those who wish, of original small canopy pitched roof, four pagodas market-seen 4 or 5 out of 5. The capitals are mostly white, but some rental companies will offer you different colors. Compare prices, it perhaps worth.

But all is not renting a canopy. It is also necessary to arrange the interior. This will rent a floor, a carpet, provide lighting and heating! And if the heart tells you, you can also make an interior draped pleated roof that blends harmoniously with the traditional canopy.

Regarding the price, consider not only the rental of the canopy but also to the assembly and disassembly and this staff. Everything is about timing and organization.

Some companies licenses capitals invite you to rent the home, chairs, tables and why not, the dishes you need. This is sometimes convenient for those who wish not to contact various providers, but we must compare prices.

The classic atmosphere, microscopic for you! You have decided that your marriage would be exceptional, and you want at all costs, make it memorable to you and those of your guests. Some companies offer to this effect; most are the original canopy. They create in themselves a haunting atmosphere, they are comfortable and beautifully decorated. These canopies are of Moroccan origin and painted walls and ceilings. In different measure, they can reach 14 meters long and seven wide but are sometimes supplemented by smaller four on 4 or 5 of 10 m. A mat is placed there; it topped coffee tables create the atmosphere as well as cushions and colorful lanterns. Various decorative accessories invite your loved ones in a classical world of 1001 night, and it’s just mesmerizing.

Wedding canopy rental

You are in full preparations for your marriage, and you have prepared a schedule of the wedding for your convenience.
Do not leave anything to chance will be your key to success. Thus, providing a canopy rental for your wedding is highly recommended if you plan to celebrate the outdoor event.

Where to rent the canopy for the wedding?

Many organizations are specialized in canopy rental for a wedding or other event. Their various benefits are for both individuals and professionals.

Several research tools available to you to contact these specialists. Several choices are offered pleasant spaces to organize your outdoor reception.

The reception will be held outdoors, full lines of canopies for your wedding will be proposed, such as:
Canopy s, marquees, shelters, arbors, marquees, the Tivoli or pagodas which offer a multitude of configurations, different sizes. They will be folding and modular.

Metal structures can be:

  • with pinion
  • decorated with crystal or draped curtains
  • closed or open on one or more sides.

Additional Amenities

Other equipment will also rent to perfect your receipt as:

  • tables, chairs, armchairs
  • the food stalls
  • crockery, cutlery, glasses
  • decoration, topping
  • parquet, carpet
  • the dancefloor
  • lighting
  • the podium
  • sound system
  • heating
  • cold rooms

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