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1. What is custom embroidery?
2. How can I set up a custom embroidery business?
3. What should I look to start?
4. What type of machine should I buy?
5. What does my computer?
6. Is it difficult to make the designs?
7. Who installs my computer?

What is custom embroidery?

Custom embroidery is those that give a pledge of a unique feature. The emerging business in our country and far future as is increasing the demand for exclusive and personalized items without having to pay for it a high cost.

How can I set up a custom embroidery business?

It is as simple as purchasing the best embroidery machine next generation as you can find here and start your activity. You do not need a lot of space since such devices can be operated in an area of 1.5 square meters. Also, if you already have some other machinery for customization as textile printing, embroidery will be the perfect complement.

What should I look to start?

First, we must be clear that, if we are to base our business on an embroidery machine, we must clear two important aspects:

1. The quality of the computer: In addition to the trade name, which can give us a real clue with which company we are trying, we opt for a next-generation device with the latest developments in the world of embedded embroidery. Apparently the equipment must include everything needed to start working. Brands like Brother, SWF or Broin, internationally recognized are leading the industry both for its perceived quality as for its affordable.

2. Supplier and technical equipment Enterprise: The company that will perform the sale and installation must be perfect marketing savvy as the more and better knowledge have played in their favor as they prepare to teach him and introduce in the customs office embroidery. And apparently the service highlights its importance because of them depend on to any breakdown or unexpected.

What kind of machine should I buy?

The range of embroidery is very full and according to the requirements of your current business or their ideas when starting a new plan will be to enlist the help of a professional to provide information and guide their interest to the product that best suits your needs. Within embroidery machines, we can find a semi-industrial machine with the latest technology such as the PR series Brother (Japan), ideal for small businesses versatile and require extreme rapidity in the works.

For most industrial and individual machines but with international recognition with which to do any collaborate with the highest quality you can find the embroidery machines SWF (Korea) which, today, can boast of being the most sold worldwide in the most demanding manufacturers. The hundreds of customers who already have these machines support its prestige.

For a cheaper but without reducing the quality of the team that we will acquire the solution, we can find in the market the Broin (China) embroiderers. From a head and six colors to the most professional multi-heads since before being sold in national territory they are tested one by one and completed with all the extra accessories needed.

What does my machine?

FB Machinery Group we are clear that our main asset is our customers and so and so that they can operate at 100% from the first day, with each machine we include everything you need to perform any work. Accessories other manufacturers give as optional (5 double sets of racks, hat racks, pre-installation for laser software, etc …) we include free because our success is the success of our customers.

Is it difficult to make the designs?

It depends on the program that we use can be a complex task or not. That is why you should choose an advanced program design as those Compucon, which is the number one manufacturer and programmer for embroidery programs for over 30 years offers. The difference between working with an advanced program or an unknown standard in the market will mean the difference between doing quality work on time or not. Applications such as auto-pecking from a vectorized file, determine the final design auctions, auto-chop all TTF fonts, etc. These are applications that are available only in these programs and that will help a lot when performing their jobs.

Who installs my machine?

Once you purchase your embroidery machine, our specialized technicians will perform the installation and give not less training for two days for you to learn the craft of custom embroidery and resolve all doubts that may arise.

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