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In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the car battery from practical tips to help prolong the best car battery life, to detailed explanations that will teach you how to proceed if you have to change it. But yes, you should also know that if your car has a Start-Stop system, in which case you might not remain any choice but to go to the shop to replace it. We will explain why

Here you have everything you need to know about the car battery, a complete article where we explain everything you should be aware to prolong the life of this fundamental but often forgotten element. It will also help to solve possible incidents and, if necessary, will teach you how you should proceed to replace it. So you know, notes and apply these tips.

But beware, because things are not as simple as before: if you have to change the battery of the car and your vehicle has a Start-Stop system, perhaps you are forced to go through the workshop. And it is that this technology stop-start engine necessary to resort to batteries that have unique characteristics and therefore is sometimes necessary to have tools and specific devices to install and your vehicle run like the first day.

But before we continue, here are three tips to make your battery does not fail. You should know that these especially suffer when the temperature drops below zero degrees, so now that the warm weather arrives, this set of recommendations you can be useful to verify that everything is correct and that no mishaps occur. Carlos Lorente, Director General of Iberia Johnson Controls, explains that there are three simple things that will help you keep your vehicle running.

1. Prevent boot problems: check the battery of your car

In cold and wet conditions your car consumes more energy, which overloads the battery and does fail in some cases. Like the headlights are reviewed and winter tires are made every year, drivers should also remember to ask for a consideration of the battery. Whether you have a new or old vehicle, a simple test in a machine shop, dealer or auto club you can tell if your battery has survived the winter.

2. Replacing the battery: leave it to professionals

Replacing a battery used to be a simple process: turn off the engine, loosen the terminals, replace the battery, tighten the connection terminals and ready. Now this process is not so simple. The batteries are part of a complex electrical system that supplies electricity to a wide range of comfort functions and fuel, such as air conditioning, heating seats or the ‘start-stop’ systems. On the other hand, it is no longer easy to access the battery under the hood: it can be installed in the trunk or under a seat. For this reason, special tools and expertise needed to replace the battery in your vehicle. Contact your workshop to ensure that the replacement is done safely and smoothly.

3. Choose the suitable service replacement batteries

To Not all batteries are appropriate for all vehicles. The too small battery could not start the car or not feed all electrical components. On the other hand, cars with ‘start-stop’ may not work properly with the spare battery. They need a technology called ‘AGM’ or ‘EFB.’ The idea is to follow the original specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. Workshops or expert mechanics can help you make the best decision about replacing your battery.

Tips for caring for your battery

If you’ve left the lights all night and when you come in the morning, your car did not want to start, this is what you must do. The first, of course, attempt to recharge the vehicle’s battery by connecting a pair of tweezers to its terminals and the battery of another vehicle. Therefore, the most basic is always to take a connecting cable in the trunk, just in case. These cables should hold capacity in amperes per hour, taking the battery. The buyer of very fine, probably not withstand the current flow and you can not help a lot. Put the clamp is a simple operation, but if you do not well, can cause a malfunction of the alternator, or even the entire electrical system. Eye, because there are even manufacturers do not recommend performing this operation, a danger that the electronic system will unconfigure.

To charge the car battery, you must first connect the red cable clamp with the red or positive terminal of the battery. Then the other end of the red cable to the positive terminal of the battery charged. Then the same with the black wire to the negative terminal and turn the ignition switch.


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