Tips for maintain lawnmower and lawn


Lawnmowers: Tips for use and maintenance

Maintenance is of importance for all kind of lawn mower, especially for best self-propelled lawn mower

Before each use

• Check oil levels and fuel or fuel-oil mixture
• Check for loose or defective parts

After each use

• Turn off the machine and clean the lawn below the casing
• Check for loose or defective parts

Storage during winter

• Change the oil
• Remove all fuel from tank
• Grease or lubricate the parts that require it
• Disconnect the spark plug

Refueling in 30 days

Be sure to use premium gasoline in the cutter, and no more than 30 days old. The fuel that has been in use for more than 30 days can damage the engine.


The lawn is more than a vast collection of grass. A lawn should be comfortable enough to walk and play. The aesthetics of the law should be such that likes to sit outside on your patio or deck and enjoy the view. That green extension also acts as a signal with its neighbors and passers occupants inside the home care enough about the appearance to maintain a healthy and vigorous lawn.

Alternate your mowing pattern

Routine mowing in the same direction can cause wear, which can give you a bad look. When you change the routine of cutting, improve the way the lawn looks, also, to oxygenating and achieve a more even the same growth.

Wet grass? Do not cut!

If possible, mow only when it is completely dry. When you advance in dry grass, improves the performance of your machine and achieves a more even cut.

Avoid wasting water

People usually watered their gardens too. The healthiest lawns are watered in a strong way and not very frequent intervals. Otherwise, you are probably wasting water. On average, the lawn needs only one inch (2.54cm) of water weekly, either by irrigation, rain or both. Do not forget to make sure

Bare spots

Repair discovered as quickly as possible to avoid further damage is done areas necessary. The cause behind the existing damage dictates the solution. You must eradicate the insects before planting new grass. Build a walkway to address uncovered areas caused by continuous heavy traffic.


Weeds not only serve to make the lawn looks presentable but can also eventually cause damage to surrounding plants by spreading their roots. Weeds also cause grass to have to compete for water, which will not happen if you get rid of these invasive plants. The grass will grow much better if you take the effort to remove weeds before they had a chance to do damage.


Mowing is an appropriate way to ensure improvements in not only the look of your lawn but how well grows as well. A cut with a height too low adversely affects the development of grass and reduces the ability of the plant to store the proper nutrients. Mowing too high limits root growth. Although different types of herbs require accurate heights for maximum force, a good rule is to cut no more than one-third of the grass blades.

Localized treatment

Improve your lawn to avoid killing too many beneficial microbes and microorganisms. Give your lawn treatments with insecticides areas or chemical fungicides rather than spread across the lawn to help keep a good supply of organisms that help break down minerals and keep the soil beneath the loose grass.


Correct watering a lawn is highly dependent on the particular circumstances, such as the amount of precipitation received your soil conditions and the type of grass seed. One of the elements of irrigation that is conducive to all kinds of lawn conditions is the effort to reproduce the way the grass is watered naturally by a soaking rain. Hoses drip irrigation and soaker are sufficient for simulating the efforts of a long rain on the lawn media.


Some ways are available to deal with the rubble that causes damage to your lawn. The most efficient way is also the slowest way: building a compost pile. A faster, but more expensive to handle waste way is by using a chipper. A leaf shredder chipper costs less, but will not have the power to deal with large branches and tree branches.

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