Buy headphones: what to consider?


When purchasing a headset, there are several aspects that you can watch. Do you want open headphones or even simple earplugs, which can easily take with you? We give you advice on the different options and types of headphones. Sennheiser HD 280 pro is considered as one of the best.

Content of this article

  • Take an open or closed headphones?
  • Earphones and earplugs
  • Wireless headphones
  • Ambient Noise Dropout
  • Tips for in the shop
  • What does the price?
  • Usage tips

1. Take an open or closed headphones?

A headset sits around or in your ear. The earpieces are connected to a primary or a neckband. The sound is more natural than that of earphones or earplugs. The downside is that they are quite thick, and you may get warm ears.

Open headphones at the back of the ear are not completely closed. This makes it sound more natural, but also sound leaking into the environment. That makes them less suitable for use on the move. In closed headphones, the earpieces are completely closed. They leak less sound and show less noise from the environment through. Ideal for the train or plane.

2. Earphones and earplugs

Earphones and earplugs are always connected by a cord. They are very compact, lightweight and easy to carry. In general, the sound quality is inferior to that of a pair of headphones.

What is the difference?

The difference between earphones and earplugs is the way they sit in your ear. Earplugs terminals in the ear and have removable pads. Because they are not, they close down much ambient noise in the ear. Earplugs in the ear canal and thereby conclude much noise. The sound quality may be poor if they do not fit properly.

3. Wireless headphones

For at home

Wireless headphones for home and send the audio signal to a drive on your sound system to your headphones. The headphones need batteries to make contact. Some models use of infra-red. You should then be entitled to sit to catch the signal. When headphones with radio signal are not necessary.

For on the road

The move connects your headset via Bluetooth to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Keep in mind that the battery of your phone, tablet or laptop faster is empty. Also, the sound via Bluetooth-less. The audio signal is compressed leading to quality. Please note that wireless headphones are more sensitive to interference.

4. Ambient Noise Dropout

Bale you while listening to music from the sound around you? When a headset with noise reduction (also called “noise canceling”) is ambient noise filtered out. A sensor detects the sounds and ‘neutralize’ them with anti-noise. Sudden noises can still be heard. For example, noise of a horn or someone starts bellowing. The system makes your headphones greater.

5. Tips for in the shop

Try headphones in the store to test the comfort.
Do you wear glasses? Make sure the ear flaps loosely irritating at the feet of your glasses.

Test the headphones in the store with your music. Listen to your favorite song on different models to test the difference.

6. What does the price?

The Productnummer of the Consumers makes the daily update using merchant information including stock status and costs. Consumers can result in about 70 favorite product to compare the prices of some 500 shops.

7. Usage tips for your headphones

Headphones are little devices, but they can damage your hearing. Also, cycling with your earplugs also indicates dangerous situations on the road. Read our tips so that you can fully enjoy your music.

Suffer from excessive ambient noise? Then you tend to turn up the volume of your headphones harder. This is because the ambient noise drowns you in part music. Our hearing is clear treble and bass less sensitive. Did your headset already weak, bass, or customize your earplugs not in your ear, then louder put a solution. But it is not wise: listening long at high volume indicates risk of hearing damage,

Find your new headphones, consider a final model which falls on the ears or earplugs that fit well. A model with noise canceling can, but do not expect miracles from it.

Please note that traffic noise is also muted by a closed headphones or earplugs. Take part in the movement; it can certainly be dangerous.

Hope you find useful information!

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