First aid for dogs and puppy


Except that you can provide the best that you always have on hand the phone number of your veterinarian, it is useful to know how you can give your dog first aid and then get him, for example, the best flea treatment for dogs if he has fleas.

best flea treatment for dogs



If your dog has a swollen belly full of air, you should immediately call the vet.


  • Try to twist open the mouth of your dog and remove the object
  • Remember also to check the palate of the mouth
  • Have your dog checked by the vet if you have removed the object


  • Keep the airway of your dog freely by stretching his neck and his tongue to keep aside
  • Immediately call the vet

Incision in the paw

  • Wrap the leg of your dog in gauze or a clean cloth
  • Never use an elastic band or a tourniquet to limb
  • Take him to the vet


  • Give your dog small amounts of water with some glucose in it or mushy vegetable stock
  • Give your dog nothing to eat
  • Keep him warm and call the vet
  • Bring your dog to the vet immediately if there is blood in his stool


  • Try foreign objects do not attempt to pick off the ear of your dog
  • Call your vet to check your dog for infections

Eye injury

  • Make sure your dog does not rub the affected eye
  • Try to rinse the eye with clean, warm water to rinse out what is causing the problem
  • Cover the eye with a wet gauze or cloth with a serious injury
  • Call your veterinarian


  • Take the collar off and make sure your dog is not near a staircase or something
  • Keep the airway of your dog free by pulling his neck and his tongue to keep aside
  • Maintain the room dark and quiet and make sure there is no disruption of a sudden ringing bell or sliding doors
  • Write down what the definite signs were flat in advance, and during and after the convulsion
  • Call your veterinarian as soon as possible


  • Immediately call the vet
  • Take some of the poison to the vet or their packaging

Traffic Accident

  • Keep your dog as quiet, calm and comfortable as possible
  • If it is necessary to prevent further injury, you have to tie him
  • Practice with a clean bandage or clean cloth pressure on visible wounds
  • Call the vet as soon as possible

Stick insects

  • Keep your dog in a cold environment and do not leave it too long from a wasp sting
  • If the string lasts longer than an hour swollen or if your dog has difficulty breathing, you should take to the vet
  • When a bee sting you need to quickly remove the pain, preferably without squeezing


  • If you keep vomiting dog, look what he just surrenders
  • Take what if you can bring the vomit so that the vet can examine
  • Give your dog anything to eat until you’ve been to the vet

Dog cold? How to treat the common cold your dog

Just like us, dogs can catch a cold and a cough up. And that can last from a few days to a few weeks. How to determine if your dog has a cold:

  • A dog cough, also known as the cough, usually sounds high and sounds like something stuck in the throat of your dog
  • After a coughing fit, your dog can give up some liquid
  • In mild cases, the main symptom is a loud cough
  • In some severe cases, you can dog have a fever, be lethargic and have little appetite Colds and cough will usually disappear by itself, but you can fix them quickly by:
  • Shorter your dog to go outside and make him good rest
  • Get him drink plenty of fresh water has
  • Your dog keeping off dusty rooms and tobacco smoke
  • A cough is very contagious, so if your dog is sick, keep him at least a week away from other dogs. If you plan to place him in a kennel, you will often be asked to prove that your dog is vaccinated against a kennel cough.

Is your dog a cold and the symptoms persist, then go with your dog to the vet.

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