Everything about the use and maintenance of an atomizer / essential oil diffuser


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  • Introduction
  • How does an atomizer / ultrasound essential oil diffuser?
  • How to use my mister?
  • How to perform maintenance on my mister?


How does a fogger and what precautions to take during use and maintenance? What if my fogger does not diffuse mist? Why my fogger has red flash?

These are questions that many owners or future buyers concern about the misters and essential oil diffusers. Always there for your use, we will answer all these questions that torment your mind. Through this article, we deliver you useful and valuable tips on using and maintaining your mist diffuser and essential oils. Following our advice, you can make the most of your device and preserve its life. We also give you tips to maintain your device. You will also learn how to repair cheaply your fogger.

How does an ultrasound essential oil diffuser work?

Some models of atomizers and essential oil diffusers are equipped with an ultrasound probe. This sensor generates the mist in the air with your essential oils. It is also equipped with 12 LEDs that produce a colorful and light variable to create a truly peaceful atmosphere.

This probe consists in its center with a ceramic membrane. It is a disk with a diameter of 20 mm. This membrane is the centerpiece but also the most sensitive element of the device. Indeed, this membrane has a limited lifetime, since it is subject to wear over the use of the device making it necessary to change after a while. This lifetime depends on the time of day use as well as water and oils used. When using essential oils or perfume extracts, it will regularly change the water and clean the probe with clean water.

How to use my mister?

Place the probe in the bottom of the bowl of your fogger. Fill the bowl of your fogger with deionized water and add a few drops of tap water. Tap water naturally contains ions that make the conductive solution. This is an indispensable condition for the probe to operate and fogging.

The use of essential oil diffusers alone does not operate the probe, it will flash red and will not produce fog. It is therefore necessary that the solution in which is immersed the probe is a mixture of essential oil diffusers and a little tap water.

On the other hand, filling the basin with only tap water is not recommended because tap water contains lime may eventually clog your probe and in particular the ceramic disk. Tap water contains a greater or lesser concentration of limestone and this concentration depends on the local water distribution network you be connected.

Ideally, the water level must be at least greater than a 1 to 3 cm with respect to the probe of the water level sensor. Indeed, the probe has a water level detector. If the water level is too low, the sensor detects it and the mist will stop automatically. Also, if the bowl is overfilled, the mist can not be generated because the probe will not have the power to project the mist to the air.

Once your cauldron filled, you have the possibility of adding essential oils or perfume extracts. An addition of 3 to 4 drops of oil or perfume is more than enough to enjoy the scents of these products. Also, be aware that essential oils are highly concentrated products and some essential oils (alcoholic and fat) can cause more rapid wear of the membrane. It is not recommended to overdose the solution with an excess of essential oils. Also, be sure to choose essential oils and quality fragrance extracts.

How to perform maintenance for the essential oil diffusers?

After a week of use, it will be necessary to change completely the water. Indeed, over time, the water of the basin will be in charge of impurities. It may be Residual oil or perfume extracts but also dust from the atmosphere.

Also, take advantage of this change of water to clean the membrane with a soft damp cloth or cotton swab moistened with tap water. Do not use detergents and be careful not to scratch or damage the membrane.

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