The time of the rocking cradle possessed by our grandmothers is far gone. Now, if the child was crying a little, they will be moving gently to sleep by the baby swing. These cribs are the ancestors of our baby swings today. The modern baby swings have all that advanced technology and secure standard to lull the child gently and safely.

Although it is not essential, decide to invest in a baby swing back equipped with an effective tool to lull the baby is quite helpful. This is an equipment that appeals to children and also to parents and can replace the bouncer. One of the most acclaimed baby swings by parents is the baby swing reviews, a baby swing with many options. Today, in this article, I will give you tips on how and what to pay attention to when you are looking for a baby swing for your little cutie.

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Nowadays, the choice is vast and many manufacturers offer their own models.

It is natural that the first criterion of your choice is that of security. Children’s accessories must meet European standards and must have the CE mark. They can also be the French safety standards NF. Without one of these labels, do not buy that baby swing.

The stability must inspire confidence. For this, we need a baby swing that has a very broad base. The product’s center of gravity must be good so it does not spill. Also, observe the instructions of the maximum weight.

As for cars, a support belt is useful. For the little ones, there must be a five-point harness. Because at the beginning, infants may go under the seatbelt. To be sure that the baby is safe in their baby swing, take the time to check the padding of the harness.

The first days of life, babies do not take all head straight and they have a tendency to slouch. The baby swing with a possibility of inclination is appreciated. They allow the child to have a good position to breathe during sleep.

The weight ranges for the baby swings are different depending on the model. Some have a maximum weight of 9 kilos, others have 11 kilos and others for more than 11 kilos.


You want a few moments of respite and do not stay next to the child while he is asleep? There are electric baby swings for this purpose. The movement is gentle and you can go on tiptoe out of the room.

This kind of model offers various swing speeds. It will necessarily have a battery and will cost more than the conventional model. There are models with remote controls to adjust the distance to sway.

It is also possible to invest in a model that has both rocking function and music. The child will be wrapped in a world of sweetness.

It is better to choose a swing with a lateral and gentle movement. The music is varied and the sound can be chosen.


The child wakes up and at that time, parents want to leave him in his baby swing. There are some models that offer an ark of many colorful games and toys above him to catch his eye and calm him down while parents are not there. This arch can entertain the baby for a long time.

The baby will not have much use of this baby swing for the first three months. Choose a well-padded arch with cloth toys so that the child does not get hit.

Parents should also consider a practical choice. It is good to buy a foldable baby swing if you attend the transport often.

The swing seats can be in different cover for hygienic reasons. It is better to choose an easily washable cover.

For the colors of the baby swing, you will be spoiled for choice. There are all the bright colors. If you wish not to spoil your interior design, you should find the model that suits you.

Take time to read the technical data to find what you are looking for. You will see that the choice is wide.


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